Understanding Viruses 3/e 2017
Chapter  1  Introduction to Viruses
Chapter  2  Virus Architecture and Nomenclature Eukaryotic
Chapter  3  Molecular Biology, Host Cell Constraints and How Viruses Hijack Host Cells
Chapter  4  Mechanisms of Viral Entry and Spread of Infection in the Body
Chapter  5  Host Resistance to Viral Infections
Chapter  6  Epidemiology
Chapter  7  Laboratory Diagnosis of Viral Disease and Working with Viruses in the Research Laboratory
Chapter  8  Poliovirus and Other Enteroviruses
Chapter  9  Influenza Viruses
Chapter  10  Hepatitis Viruses
Chapter  11  Herpesviruses
Chapter  12  Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Chapter  13  Rabies
Chapter  14  Poxviruses
Chapter  15  New Viruses and Viruses that are Reemerging
Chapter  16  Viruses and Cancer
Chapter  17  The History of Medicine, Clinical Trials, Gene Therapy, and Xenotransplantation
Chapter  18  What About Prions and Viroids?
Chapter  19  Plant Viruses
Chapter  20  The Best for Last: Bacteriophages