Zubay's Principles of Biochemistry 2017

Principles of Biochemistry has been prepared by three distinguished authors of Chemistry/Biochemistry known for their academic excellence and pedagogical approach in teaching the subject at graduate and post graduate level.


Biochemistry is now considered to be one of the fundamental subjects for various bioscience courses. The subject of biochemistry works at molecular level and thus brings to light the hidden secrets of life. The rapid development and enormous expansion of every phase of biochemistry has not only markedly enriched our knowledge about the nature of life but has also made biochemistry the language of life. In planning this book, our challenge has been to incorporate details of all recent developments whilst retaining our original aim, namely to concentrate on those techniques and principles which underlie practical exercises that undergraduates in all the biological sciences can expect to encounter in their practical classes and to cover in less detail the more sophisticated techniques that have made possible the advances they will learn about in their lectures and associated reading.


Students face problems in conceptualizing the subject within a limited time. Most of the students need a book that is lucidly presented, orderly arranged and profusely illustrated. The present book has been written in simple language in such a way that a student with very little chemistry background can easily follow the various aspects of biochemistry presented in the book. The book matches what best is available in the standard textbooks in the subject including those by Stryer, Devlin, Griffith, and Lehniger in their books on the subject. At the end of the book glossary of common terms used in biochemistry have been provided. Student activity in the form of review problems has been provided with each chapter.


Accompanying the Textbook Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are set for students to test their understanding of the related subject matters. Answers are provided at the end of the book. This book (MCQs) is given free with each textbook