Mammalogy 6/e 2015
Mammalogy is the study of mammals from the diverse biological viewpoints of structure, function, evolutionary history, behavior, ecology, classification, and disease. Thoroughly updated, the Sixth Edition of Mammalogy explains and clarifies the subject as a unified whole. It begins by defining mammals and summarizing their origins. It progresses to discuss the orders and families of mammals with comprehensive coverage on the fossil history, current distribution, morphological characteristics, and basic behavior and ecology of each family of mammals. The third part of this comprehensive text examines special topics such as mammalian echolocation, physiology, behavior, ecology, and zoogeography. It concludes with two additional chapters, previously available online, that cover mammalian domestication and mammalian disease and zoonoses. Thorough yet accessible with a wealth of pedagogical elements to aid in comprehension, the extensively updated Sixth Edition of Mammalogy is an essential resource for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students studying this fascinating field.