The Cell:A Molecular Approach 8/e 2020
Table of Contents Part I: Fundamentals and Foundations Chapter 1. Introduction to Cells and Cell Research Chapter 2. Molecules and Membranes Chapter 3. Bioenergetics and Metabolism Chapter 4. Fundamentals of Molecular Biology Chapter 5. Genomics, Proteomics, and Systems Biology Part II: The Flow of Genetic Information Chapter 6. Genes and Genomes Chapter 7. Replication, Maintenance, and Rearrangements of Genomic DNA Chapter 8. RNA Synthesis and Processing Chapter 9. Transcriptional Regulation and Epigenetics Chapter 10. Protein Synthesis, Processing, and Regulation Part III: Cell Structure and Function Chapter 11. The Nucleus Chapter 12. Protein Sorting and Transport Chapter 13. Mitochondria, Chloroplasts, and Peroxisomes Chapter 14. The Cytoskeleton and Cell Movement Chapter 15. The Plasma Membrane Chapter 16. Cell Walls, the Extracellular Matrix, and Cell Interactions Part IV: Cell Regulation Chapter 17. Cell Signaling Chapter 18. The Cell Cycle Chapter 19. Cell Renewal and Cell Death Chapter 20. Cancer