Wardlaw's Perspectives in Nutrition:A Functional Approach 2/e 2019
NEW FEATURES • New ‘Culinary Perspective’ feature focuses on interesting food trends and their impact on health. • Content has been updated, refined and streamlined to reflect the most up-to-date information and • enhance learning, including: • Dietary Guidelines to include the 2015-2020 recommendations. • Complete Nutrition Facts panel includes the latest regulations. • New Daily Values have been incorporated into charts demonstrating • nutrient content. • All Dietary Reference Intakes (RDA, AI, UI, EAR, and AMDR) have been grouped into one appendix for quick and easy access. • New Historical Perspectives and Perspectives on the Future features have been added. DIGITAL ENHANCEMENTS • Dietary analysis auto-graded assignments are now within Connect! To help overcome the challenge of not enough time to grade dietary analysis projects, auto-graded assignments that require students to use NutritionCalc Plus (NCP) and answer questions based on the generated reports have been developed to be relevant, current, and interesting—and reviewed by faculty who use such assignments in their own teaching. • NutritionCalc Plus 5.0 is a suite of powerful dietary self-assessment tools, with more than 30,000 foods from the USDA database and food manufacturers. • New Mobile interface and design • Includes updates to match up with the 2018 USDA MyPlate report and food label mandate • Ability to track up to three profiles, Omega-3 and Omega-6 data • 365-day calendar function • New ADA-compliant eBook allows Connect users access to content via mobile phone or tablet— anywhere they are. Once a student downloads