Human Evolutionary Genetics 2/E
1. An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Genetics
Section I: How Do We Study Genetic Variation?
2. Organization and Inheritance of the Human Genome
3. Human Genome Variation
4. Finding and Assaying Genome Diversity
Section II: How Do We Interpret Genetic Variation?
5. Processes Shaping Diversity
6. Making Inferences from Diversity
Section III: Where and When Did Humans Originate?
7. Humans as Apes
8. What Genetic Changes Have Made Us Human?
9. Origins of Modern Humans
Section IV: How Did Humans Colonize the World?
10. The Distribution of Diversity
11. The Colonization of the Old World And Australia
12. Agricultural Expansions
13. Into New Found Lands
14. What Happens When Populations Meet?
Section V: How Is An Evolutionary Perspective Helpful?
15. Understanding the Past, Present and Future of Phenotypic Variation
16. Evolutionary Insights into Simple Genetic Diseases
17. Evolution and Complex Diseases
18. Identity and Identification