Invitation to Oceanography Access code inside 8/e 2020

Invitation to Oceanography, Eighth Edition introduces students to the key concepts from geology, chemistry, physics, and biology as they relate to ocean environments and processes. This comprehensive text helps students learn how scientists interpret data, taking raw knowledge and transforming it into real understanding. As concepts are explained and described with words and numbers, students can apply their learning using questions at the end of each chapter, including the Review of Basic Concepts, Critical-Thinking Essays, and Discovering with Numbers.

A unique aspect of this edition is the introduction of Complexity Theory. This recent approach in science takes into consideration the cross-scale complexity of Earth’s ocean systems, notably the applications of panarchy and stability landscapes to unpack cross-scale (spatial as well as temporal) processes and expected outcomes in the future state of ocean systems. Complexity strategies provide students with tools to understand how people need to adapt to change, as well as to uncover feedback loops, self-organization, and emergence.  An understanding of Complexity Theory promotes growth in adaptability, flexibility, and change.