Lewin's Cells 3/e 2015
Part 1  Introduction
Chapter 1  What is a cell?
Chapter 2  Bioenergetics and Cellular Metabolism
Chapter 3  DNA Replication, repair, and recombination
Chapter 4  Gene Expression and Regulation
Chapter 5  Protein Structure and Function
Part 2  Membranes and Transport Mechanisms
Chapter 6  Transport of Ions and Small Molecules Across Membranes
Chapter 7  Membrane Targeting of Proteins
Chapter 8  Protein Trafficking Between Membranes
Part 3  The Nucleus
Chapter 9  Nuclear Structure and Transport
Chapter 10  Chromatin and Chromosomes
Part 4  The Cytoskeleton
Chapter 11  Microtubules
Chapter 12  Actin
Chapter 13  Intermediate filaments
Part 5  Cell Division, Apoptosis, and Cancer
Chapter 14  Mitosis
Chapter 15  Cell Cycle Regulation
Chapter 16  Apoptosis
Chapter 17  Cancer: Principles and Overview
Part 6  Cell Communication
Chapter 18  Principles of Cell Signaling
Chapter 19  The Extracellular Matrix and Cell Adhesion
Part 7  Prokaryotic and Plant Cells
Chapter 20  Prokaryotic Cell Biology
Chapter 21  Plant Cell Biology